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Artema Press Releases Author Gary Beck’s Novel Acts of Defiance

A fiction novel th…


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NEW BOOK coming from Angie Skelhorn!!!

 I’m delighted to announce my contemporary women's fiction book At the Edge is accepted for publication by Eternal Press. …


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From Abuse to Forgiveness from author Lydia Taiwo

A Broken Childhood II: Forgiveness by Lydia Ola Taiwo

Nightmares normally end when we awaken. But what if your waking hours actually were your nightmare? In her first book, `A Broken Childhood', Lydia Taiwo opened her heart and showed us how she survived horrific abuse as a child.

In ‘A…


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"The Tommie Scott Story" Frome Gangs To Soldier For Christ.

Please View My Documentary that was viewed around the world Aug 20, 2013 on The 700 Club Here:

And My Video Al Sharpton Confronted By Ex Gang Member Re Zimmerman, Martin Case. It has 127,000 views already:



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Klegseth Talks about the Tommie Scott Story

Kleg talks about the importance of producing a motion picture on Tommie Scott.

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"The Tommie Scott Story" Frome Gangs To Soldier For Christ.

Also you can pre-order my new book “The Tommie Scott Story” From Gang To Soldier For Christ, and help me get the Gospel message out, and see lives changed. And if you don't read or want to help me get copies into every jail & prison in the U.S & U.K you can still order. God bless.…


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Al Sharpton Confronted by Ex Gang Member, Re: George Zimmerman , Trayvon Martin Case

This is why my book is on time.

No Al, No Jesse, No NAACP, where are they in the black community, where blacks are murdering blacks.



Facebook: Tommie Scott …


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"The Tommie Scott Story" Frome Gangs To Soldier For Christ.

About the Book: The Tommie Scott Story is a true story—a true love story—but not of the usual variety. This is a story of a gangbanger, drug dealer, and “hit man” who worked his way through the juvenile reform system and into a California state prison by age twenty. It’s the story of an angry young criminal with no remorse and no hope. And it’s here—in the depths of hopeless darkness—that this story begins again. It begins again with a humble, gray-haired man who was not ashamed to be a…


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A Broken Childhood by Lydia Taiwo

It seems today there is an epidemic of abuse in many forms. The worst form is child abuse. The victim is small, easily intimidated, easy to manipulate, easy to harm. The abuser is a bully, and bullies always pick on the victim least likely to fight back. The most egregious abusers are parents.

Author Lydia Ola Taiwo knows about the worst of these - the parents, for they are the ones who abused her. A childhood spent in fear of a parent coming home, fear of footsteps coming down the…


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The Nine Fold Heaven by Mingmei Yip

Chinese born author Mingmei Yip has brought China to life for millions of readers. Her books portray an authentic China and a culture that many only know from Hollywood movies. She uses women characters to tell her stories and these women give wonderful layers of depth to her prose.


Many of her books focus attention on the "courtesans" and their lot in life - sometimes good, sometimes bad, often emotionally brutal if not physically.


Her novels speak of…


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Why a Book Trailer?

Why a Book Trailer?

Initially the reason I wanted a book trailer was I’d seen a few online and thought they were a great aid to attract readers.  In addition to this I love a new toy so it seemed a great idea.  After all, little point in writing a book that doesn’t get read and as writers we need readers.

A good book trailer really stands out and I felt one could tempt new readers to my work.  Also as a by product this will boost sales which should please me and my…


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Author Interview

Interview with Angie Skelhorn, Author of Severed Ties…


Added by Angie Skelhorn on March 30, 2013 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Soul Speak by Julia Cannon

Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body is a metaphysical book that is bound to intrigue both people of science and medicine as well as people looking to connect with their own higher power.

The book is very well organized and could even be used as a teaching tool.  The author has a background and education in the medical field and her logic, presentation and material reflect that.

She talks about “Body Part Messages” and addresses different parts and systems of the body. There…


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The Nightmare Affair

Dusty Everhart is half human and half magickind, more specifically, she is half Nightmare. She feeds on nightmares in order to survive. Other than that she is your typical 16-year old girl with school work and a crush on Eli Booker who ends up being her next nightmare to feed on. But, Eli’s nightmares of murder start to come true. Even worse, he is dreaming of Arkwell, a place for magickind, and a place Eli should not know about. Now Dusty must figure out how to help solve the mystery,…


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Attention Authors!!!

If you would like to have your book trailer added to my blog, please contact me and include the name of the book, author name and link to the trailer. Thanks so much!

You can check out my blog here:

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New Radio Show for Book Videos!

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM ET you can go to Book Trailer Review and listen in about the newest book videos! You're invited to talk about your videos as well!

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Coming Soon to a book shelf near you...

      A quick note to let you know that my book Severed Ties will be available at Damnation Books, Barnes and Noble and Amazon in December 2012.  If you’re curious, start reading now.  


     You can check out the first chapter here: under…


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Crystal Marcos hosts the Kindle Fire or $150 Amazon e-Gift Card Giveaway!

I am giving away a Kindle Fire or $150 Amazon e-Gift card! There will also be a 2nd place prize of 3 children's ebooks, BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale, Lionel's Grand Adventure, and Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for

Giveaway runs thru Dec 15, 2012 and is open to US and…

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‘Twas the Night After Christmas

This story is about the Earl of Devonmont, Pierce Waverly, who is a scoundrel whose parents abandoned him to school and then relatives. He grows up quite the scoundrel, but you feel such pity for him. He loved him mother so dearly, but she never tried to contact him once he was sent away. It really scarred him.

So, when he receives a message saying she is on her death bed…


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