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What I did for Times Square

By Robin Carretti


It’s the day, to be in love, new lights

          She’s the love talker

 New Yorker neon steps bright walker.

 She’s realistic poetic so Sublime.

 New day, every hour, every time

          * Time Square*.

 Stock’s of Lucky me exchange love day

 Face statuette his time hers he’s all mine

What I did for love crossed over the line

So strong and sacrificial 

Married couple Diamond’s Squares official

           Jared she’s

 Face square shape worth it!!

Times Square kiss whole earth lit.


It’s your time now *Celestial lights* like

 Arabian love New Years Eve nights.

 Multicolor Stars voyage love seats.

  Love triangle dual two hearts defeat

 Sky clouds glisten square.

What I did for love do or dare.

Times Square for two musical beat’s

Raise higher glasses gravity of heats  

Helped me through a New Year

Fashion celebrities real you realities.

Hearts love of squares dresses flow

New you the year ball goes down


Brilliant town getting ready big night projects

She’s the conversation whole time subject’s  

We are the Lights flash escapes more time shapes

  Planet’s round indulging neon brightness’

Kid’s fingers lick-in rainbow____ delightedness  

 But square is the love I found colorful infusions

World of a mix we love enlightens

Speak out with Times Square fantasy-dance-y

 She’s the Woman’s* Fire- light- Fancy*

 Theater stage time for “You” allure attraction

 Celebration Times Square Goggle it reaction.



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