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The Truth is Out There...And It isComing to Find You.

When former FBI agent turned bored private investigator William Harrison begins receiving unusual postcards from someone who claims to be an informant, Harrison is not quite sure what to make of it. As it turns out, the man behind those cryptic messages, Echo Tango, once worked with the Saint Mary Project, an extremely covert program working directly with alien contact and kept from the public eye for decades. Now that the program is starting to tie up “loose ends,” it is Harrison who is…


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What is It Like When Love Has a Second Chance?

Love is a hard game to play, especially when entrepreneurial success is the primary driving force in one's life. Dakota Carson is one of those people who has been burned before by love, but she does not let it get her down. Instead, she focuses her efforts on improving her image specialist company's reputation and status. When an opportunity to work directly with the highly successful Belle Cove Resorts is presented to her, it seems like a chance she could never refuse. The problem for…


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An Ex-Marine Sniper Must Face His Personal Demons

A note referencing a secret US operation appears in Nicaragua, and there is only one man suited to the task of making this information compromise disappear.  His name is Nathan McBride, ex-Marine Corps sniper and newly retired CIA operations officer.  McBride is about to be called out of retirement, and, with the aid of his longtime companion Harv, he must journey to the jungles of Central America on a mission to stop a dangerous enemy.  Unfortunately, McBride knows this destination all too…


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The Pursuit of Science Just Took a Sinister Turn in this Short Science Fiction Read

Captain Andy Jones is regarded as an impressive specimen. His mental and physical abilities have caught the attention of Dr. Minos, a scientist obsessed with the pursuit of labratory-based human brain growth. Following an impressive feat involving the evacuation of the failed Eden Village on planet Virginis wherein Captain Jones saves the life of an infant girl, Dr. Minos decides that Jones is the perfect subject for his disturbing scientific project. And Captain Jones is about to lose his…


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Welcome to the world of Michael Jackson! "

"Michael Jackson…


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A Must Read Historical Fiction from Author Lee Jackson

When a faceless guerrilla fighter aligned with the resistance to overthrow Castro is pitted against a clever and deceptive Soviet agent, the result is a piece of historical fiction that masterfully blends fact with the exciting story of…


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A Truly Unique Exploration of Religion and Wisdom

Could there ever be a way for us as thinking individuals to truly understand the wisdom of God? What truths are effectively conveyed through the espousal of religious principles around the world? Is there something missing? If you have ever thought seriously about the depth and significance of religion and what it means for us as people, then you will not…


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Severed Ties Debut at Chapters Book Store!

Many writers - including me - have the same dream with the book they wrote.  They want the story published and on bookshelves.

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Purchase any video trailer package and get an Author PDF Media Kit FREE ($49 value)…

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Have a very Merry Samhain and a happy Celtic New Year!


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Mosaic Paradigm Group, LLC Releases Author Cynthia L. Knight's Novel Whyte Chocolate

A fiction novel that explores the relationship between two sisters and the difficulties they face following the sudden death of their parents.

Author Cynthia L. Knight is proud to announce the recent release of her novel Whyte Chocolate. Whyte Chocolate is a fiction novel that explores the relationship between two sisters and the difficulties they face following the sudden death of their parents. The compelling book trailer for Whyte Chocolate was revealed today on…


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Solstice Publishing Releases Author Margo Bond Collins' Novel Waking Up Dead

Waking Up Dead is a paranormal mystery novel that follows the quest of a ghost to solve the crime of another murder victim.…


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Damnation Boooks Celebrating October with a 50% off Promo

Damnation Books celebrating October with a 50% off promo code good on their websites all month. Enter…

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The September Voting Poll is up!!!

     It's September, that month of crisp leaves cool fresh air, and  the book cover for my novella Severed Ties is entered into the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover        Contest.  Cover Artwork by Dawné  Dominique .


The paranormal, magic and realism…


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Artema Press Releases Author Gary Beck’s Novel Acts of Defiance

A fiction novel th…


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NEW BOOK coming from Angie Skelhorn!!!

 I’m delighted to announce my contemporary women's fiction book At the Edge is accepted for publication by Eternal Press. …


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From Abuse to Forgiveness from author Lydia Taiwo

A Broken Childhood II: Forgiveness by Lydia Ola Taiwo

Nightmares normally end when we awaken. But what if your waking hours actually were your nightmare? In her first book, `A Broken Childhood', Lydia Taiwo opened her heart and showed us how she survived horrific abuse as a child.

In ‘A…


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"The Tommie Scott Story" Frome Gangs To Soldier For Christ.

Please View My Documentary that was viewed around the world Aug 20, 2013 on The 700 Club Here:

And My Video Al Sharpton Confronted By Ex Gang Member Re Zimmerman, Martin Case. It has 127,000 views already:



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