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A Satisfying Romance for the Sweltering Summer Season

Are you ready to turn up the heat this summer? Beth Kery delivers passion and sensual energy in her new erotic contemporary romance Because You Are Mine. When Francesca Arno first meets Ian Noble, she is blown away by her wholly sexual response to this mysterious and intense stranger. It is something to which she is not at all accustomed. But she likes it. Ian is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. And at present that something is total possession of the naïve and innocent Francesca, no matter what it takes. But the bliss of sex without strings is ephemeral, and what starts as a purely physical relationship leads to something deeper and more intricate as both characters are drawn into a tumultuous romance, one that forces them to come to terms with what they each desire. Barriers must be broken and boundaries must be crossed before love can find a way. Find out where this whirlwind relationship will lead in Because You Are Mine. Bestselling author Beth Kery is ready to entrance fanatics of erotic romance for weeks to come. This serialized novel will be released in eight parts through the coming months, and every new component adds to the dimension of this dramatic struggle between two very different people whose flames have been ignited. Look for the first installment of Beth Kery's Because You Are Mine, which is now available. For more information about the piece or the author, refer to the following websites: and   

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