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Synopsis The cuckoo bird is a master of deception, fooling other species in their race to copy their chirping begging call. Donald Drummond and his wife, Anne, chase after the killer of his father, Henry Drummond, but find themselves up against a radical right wing supremacist organization called the Society of Southron Patriots and, like the cuckoo bird, deception is the Society’s mission. The couple unravels a terrorist plot aimed to kill Washington… Continue

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HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: Nov 5,2008 - Jan 5,2009

Download Free: Fog Island Flowers

- the complete electronic (pdf) version of the novel.

Fog Island Flowers is the first book in the "Cassandra" Science Fiction/Fantasy series, which chronicles the life and adventures of the god-in-girl-bones, Cassandra Baron. This book centers around an uncannily precocious child of unknown origin and her mysterious connection to the reclusive musician Jonathan Baron, who… Continue

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Too Good To Be True ( Summary)

Jasmine Simmons had some misfortunes in her life but know she has a big break a chance to go to law school. She has taken her final exams and meet with her advisor and everything is set. She has a full scholarship to the University Of Duke School of law. The first one in her immediate family to go to college her mom was very proud of her. This was a great opportunity for her and her family everything will be great as long as her secret stays hidden if anyone found out her secret all chances of… Continue

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Too Good To Be True ( First Chapter)

Why did I let Ally talk me into coming out to the club tonight? I should be home getting ready for my exam. I’ve come so close to getting my high school diploma, I need this. An opportunity of a lifetime, a full tuition paid to Law School, the only downfall is they don’t know I have a two-year-old daughter, Destiny. My sweet Destiny. If they knew, all chances of going to Law School would be lost. Professor James has stepped out on a limb for me in helping me get this scholarship. He has always… Continue

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When the Killer is BEAUTIFUL...

I love the roll reversal. The dangerous serial killer is a stunningly beautiful woman. And the detective who has to hunt her down is locked into a cat and mouse game that is unlike any other.

In Heartsick, which was a NY Times bestseller for author Chelsea Cain, we are introduced to a very dangerous and lovely serial killer. The detective is a well thought out character and I was thrilled when… Continue

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An Aphrodisiac for Book Lovers!

What if you had a perfume that would make Johnny Depp, Tobey Maguire, Christian Bale, or Will Smith (or for you guys Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or Katie Holmes) fall at your feet and beg you to date them, kiss them…whatever. Some people say that there are aphrodisiacs that can make someone want you sexually. They can make you totally irresistible and sexually appealing.

What do you think someone would do to own something like that if it really worked?

This book called… Continue

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Music Video Book Trailer

Rock and roll meets fantasy novel in this music video book trailer from the novel Turbulent Sea ( by NY Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Over 15,000 people have watched the book trailer on YouTube ( alone and the book doesn’t even get released until July 29th, 2008! According to web statistics the only age group… Continue

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Who Says You Can't Be A Lover AND A Fighter?

Lori Foster's new novel is - Hard to Handle!

Do you love sports? How about sex? Okay, if you love them both then you have got to check out Hard to Handle! I mean, how many books do you know include mixed martial arts fighting and a hot couple trying to solve a mystery?…


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Check out my blog!

Benston Blogs

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Promote your BLOG...let people know where to find your blog!

A blog is a powerful tool. It shows up in search engines and people can subscribe to it. It lets people know what you're about, what your book is about.

But how do you let people know where and how to find this powerful tool?

You can promote your blog on Reader's Entertainment TV!

Check it out here-

If you have a book video that you'd like to have…


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Check out my blog

I have a regular blog at! Check it out today!

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I Am A Sponge

Hey, All - -

I am hoping that everyone on this site will feel free to give me

instructions on how to create book trailers. I work on an eMac, I used

OS X and have upgraded to Tiger, and I have good software for my web

sites as I use Adobe GoLive CS2 (still learning how to utilize

everything.) Now I know GoLive has some great capabilities for making

"book trailers", which is what I'm intersted in primarily as I just

started my own publishing company,… Continue

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BEA Podcasts are Now Available!

From MySpace to email and from emerging technology trends to a talk with the CEO of Borders, BEA has it all on podcast now!!…


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HELLO I AM ELAINE .. OR LAINEY to those that know me better. I am on this network on a few groups mostly literary or book groups since I am a book reviewer and more for Coffee Time Romance online. I have met and made many friends from the literary field and others. Please stop by and say howdy. I will enjoy meeting everyone and hopefully get a few real friends out of this though I know a few of you already from other groups online. I volunteer my time online so no I am not paid I do it for…


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