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Straight from the Heart, the Imaginative Epic Poems of a Poetess

For those readers who appreciate traditional forms of poetry, Melanie Greenwood, Zillionaires Publishing, LLCfounder and CEO, has just released an extensive collection of poems entitled Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess. The work is often refreshing and even witty at times, especially when it comes to her shorter poems. Greenwood deals with a broad range of topics and emotional experiences in the context of this work—love, grief, inspiration, disappointment, imagination—it is all there. Her personality reaches out to the reader from the very first page, and one will have a very clear sense of her determination as an author and a poet from the collection. If you are interested in finding a book this summer with honest feelings conveyed through traditional poetic language, look no further than Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess by Melanie Greenwood. This title is now available to readers everywhere. Find out more right here:

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