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New Radio Show for Book Videos!

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM ET you can go to Book Trailer Review and listen in about the newest book videos! You're invited to talk about your videos as well!

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Wicked Fun Read!

The dazzling wedding of fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love….

Her father was cast out of society as a liar and a thief—such a scandal which renders her unfit for…


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I wrote and posted this on Myspace a handful of years ago, just for horror authors, and I received pages of positive responses. All this time later, after I came across it again, I thought I’d resurrect it, because in my mind nothing’s changed…….except for the fact that these days, I’m not only an author, I’m a publisher of many… Continue

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The delicate balancing act of book trailers

There's a rumor going around, and like most rumors, it has basis in truth, but as stated, is entirely wrong. What's the rumor? "Book trailers are just movie trailers, but for books." Sure, there are lots of similarities, but that's a bit like saying that a house cat is a kind of lion. While true technically, it focuses attention on the wrong elements, leading the listener to essentially un-true assumptions and interpretations.

See, there's one huge and very important difference…


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COS Social Media in Review – MySpace

We’re really thrilled to be an official MySpace video partner which

happened in May of this year. Being an actual MySpace partner has some

benefits. Now our videos accepted immediately without the filters most

other video uploads have to go through. And if there are any problems

with an upload or the content we have a direct line to MySpace for a

quick resolution!

MySpace was once the main online social community for COS Productions and is still in the top 10.… Continue

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I have 5 books scheduled for 2010.

Dear Readers,

IF YOU WERE MY MAN, book # 6 in the Invincible Women series, hits bookstores March 2nd. Gorgeous hostage negotiator Rafael Dunlap finally meets a woman he can't charm.

FOREVER YOURS, book #1 is a reissue of the Taggart Brothers series on March 30, 2010. Big, handsome, smart, rich—Kane is one fine catch who could have any woman he wants. But there’s something…


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Copyright and Liability with Book Trailers

Royalty free doesn't mean you can use it any way you like. You need to read the fine print. If something is being used for promotion, which means you hope to gain financially from it, the "royalty free" license may change for you. Sometimes people require credit, sometimes they stipulate that you can't use it for that purpose. You need to read the fine print! Yes, I'm going to say that a lot.

After 8 years of creating book trailers and over 600 book trailers created, I've seen a lot of… Continue

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Win FREE Distribution for YOUR Video!

COS Productions if offering FREE distribution of your book video for a limited time to the first 5 people to do the following-

1. Post your video here on the community site

2. Blog about your video or the merits of book video

3. Promote the community by inviting at least 5 friends or posting the community badge on your site or by blogging about the site on your personal blog.

4. Be certain you have a profile pic on your community site profile.

5.… Continue

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Members of this site please update your profile

If you have a profile here please be sure to add a photo. It helps me easily identify people. I will be going through this site and removing people who are promoting things other than books or related material.
I apologize to those of you who use this site appropriately for having a bunch of junk show up. I try to get here and go through the member's profiles as often as I can.

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COS Productions Wins BIG in Video Competition

EMPixx judges share- "Your overall body of work ranked among the top 2% in the competition!"

Circle of Seven Productions won three EMPixx Awards this week. The EMPixx Awards were started by some of the same people who started the prestigous Telly Awards and are a competition based award system.

The winning videos are-

Found Client- Simon & Schuster Publishing

Found won the Platinum Award, which is the highest award, in the category for Children's… Continue

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Big Changes to Come for the Book Trailers Network!

As you can see we've changed our look!

If you had a default profile skin it now looks like the main page, but you can go in and change your profile to any of the numerous looks Ning has to offer.

The exciting news is that this site is about to become very busy! We'll be advertising and promoting the site over the next couple of months!

We want this to be YOUR community so upload those book videos, photos, blogs and whatever it is you want to… Continue

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A Great Time Travel Novel!

MY MAN, MICHAEL proves you can be both a lover and a fighter! Combining mixed martial arts, romance and time travel!

The previous book in this series made both the USA Today and NY Times bestseller lists!

Michael thinks an injury will keep him from fighting again until a woman shows up and promises to heal him. But, he must travel with her and teach a community of woman warriors to fight in return.

Imagine Michael’s surprise when she fulfills her end of the bargain and finds… Continue

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When the Killer is BEAUTIFUL...

I love the roll reversal. The dangerous serial killer is a stunningly beautiful woman. And the detective who has to hunt her down is locked into a cat and mouse game that is unlike any other.

In Heartsick, which was a NY Times bestseller for author Chelsea Cain, we are introduced to a very dangerous and lovely serial killer. The detective is a well thought out character and I was thrilled when… Continue

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An Aphrodisiac for Book Lovers!

What if you had a perfume that would make Johnny Depp, Tobey Maguire, Christian Bale, or Will Smith (or for you guys Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or Katie Holmes) fall at your feet and beg you to date them, kiss them…whatever. Some people say that there are aphrodisiacs that can make someone want you sexually. They can make you totally irresistible and sexually appealing.

What do you think someone would do to own something like that if it really worked?

This book called… Continue

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Music Video Book Trailer

Rock and roll meets fantasy novel in this music video book trailer from the novel Turbulent Sea ( by NY Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Over 15,000 people have watched the book trailer on YouTube ( alone and the book doesn’t even get released until July 29th, 2008! According to web statistics the only age group… Continue

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