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Numerous Reasons to Read 23 Shades of Black

Hard-boiled, noir crime fiction edgier than Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, funnier than J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas, Filomena Buscarsela is a kick butt, Hispanic cop with no rose colored glasses for New York City’s streets. She is believable, likeable and has a sense of right and wrong we all want to believe in.
Author K. J. A. Wishnia has brought to life one of the most interesting characters to the crime fiction genre in ages. This author knows sarcasm, wit, mystery and noir and he mixes it together with a character that makes 23 Shades of Black a true hard-boiled crime fiction success.
Filomena has had a hard time lately. She has a jerk for a partner, deals with the low life of the city streets and her personal life is falling apart. And that is just the beginning. She finds out that a toxic leak may have been sabotage and decided to pursue the case on her own.
This is what crime fiction was meant to be.

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