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Severed Ties Debut at Chapters Book Store!

Many writers - including me - have the same dream with the book they wrote.  They want the story published and on bookshelves.
I knew I made it as a writer when the reputable publisher Damnation Books, signed me.  On 11/12/13 I accomplished what some would deem as a small miracle.  My Teen, paranormal, magic and realism book Severed Ties, makes it print debut on the local interest section at Chapters Book Store.  The store manager was happy to help give Severed Ties more exposure.
I gambled on myself.  I did, and look what happened - I am now a professional writer (Thanks Acquisitions  Editor, Erin Lale and Editor, Barbara Legge) with a print book on the bookshelf at Chapters Book Store.
There is a thrill knowing someone will pick Severed Ties, off the bookshelf and scan the back cover.  If the story I wrote speaks directly to them they will read the book.
As gratifying as this moment is there are struggles we all go through as writers to accomplish our dreams.  Readers love to have a chance to meet and talk to their favorite Authors.  I'm intimidated by the book signing process.  Speaking in public is terrifying.  Anything can come out of my mouth.
I am anxious that I'm not going to meet their expectations.  I don't want to disappoint my readers giving the answers to their probing questions.
I am determined to keep things moving forward in my writing career.  It will take courage to step out of my comfort zone and make myself accessible.  Somehow I will need to break out of solitary confinement  and meet and talk to readers.
In the meantime, I am preparing two books At the Edge (There is support from the unseen to guide our lives on earth) and No Reins the extended version (A heart-stopping story of attraction and self discovery) for publication from Eternal Press in Santa Rose CA. 
To read an excerpt of the story Severed Ties stop by -

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