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"Black Rose" Book Review By: Celusreal

I recently finished reading “Black Rose” a novel written by Author Robert S. Womack. “Black Rose is Womack’s second novel under Lady G Management and follows the saga of the fictional “Born Thug” family in South Central, Los Angeles. The founding member and leader “Black Rose” presides as CEO of a waste disposal company that takes pride in removing unnecessary humans from her client’s presence. Black, beautiful, fearless, and deadly, Black Rose proves to be a real femme fatale as death goes where she goes and engulfs those who she seeks to destroy. Her company throughout the novel received request from various high ranking government officials looking to destroy career ending enemies. Helping her along these missions was no other than her three aggressive sisters and Nemesis who is a natural born killer in his own right. When Born Thugs get a hold of their victims there is absolutely no chance to escape death, whether it’s a quick bullet or long agonizing torture, their enemies would be left with no chance for escape. Like Womack’s “Something 4 You Haters”, I enjoyed reading the novel and was astonished by the vivid imagery of detail written about the characters day to day action. Whether the author is describing their lavish upscale living or their barbaric and gruesome torture of their victims, your eyes will remained glued to the passages as you follow the sagas of the Born Thug Family. Black Rose’s character also stood out to me as she was a cold blooded killer and a loyal friend at heart, her rouge nature did not dominate her mannerisms as she was still very ladylike. Although the story may be fictional the passages will leave an imprint of reality to grasp after reading the shady happenings politicians carry out just to remain in office. The story even includes situations of police falsifying claims against Black men just to make arrest and judicial injustice we struggle with as a Black people in America. After reading the novel I suggest those who love Black fiction novels with sophisticated complex characters and an interesting plot go and purchase Robert S. Womack’s “Black Rose”!!!! You can visit his site for more info....

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