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The Truth is Out There...And It isComing to Find You.

When former FBI agent turned bored private investigator William Harrison begins receiving unusual postcards from someone who claims to be an informant, Harrison is not quite sure what to make of it. As it turns out, the man behind those cryptic messages, Echo Tango, once worked with the Saint Mary Project, an extremely covert program working directly with alien contact and kept from the public eye for decades. Now that the program is starting to tie up “loose ends,” it is Harrison who is…


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What is It Like When Love Has a Second Chance?

Love is a hard game to play, especially when entrepreneurial success is the primary driving force in one's life. Dakota Carson is one of those people who has been burned before by love, but she does not let it get her down. Instead, she focuses her efforts on improving her image specialist company's reputation and status. When an opportunity to work directly with the highly successful Belle Cove Resorts is presented to her, it seems like a chance she could never refuse. The problem for…


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An Ex-Marine Sniper Must Face His Personal Demons

A note referencing a secret US operation appears in Nicaragua, and there is only one man suited to the task of making this information compromise disappear.  His name is Nathan McBride, ex-Marine Corps sniper and newly retired CIA operations officer.  McBride is about to be called out of retirement, and, with the aid of his longtime companion Harv, he must journey to the jungles of Central America on a mission to stop a dangerous enemy.  Unfortunately, McBride knows this destination all too…


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The Pursuit of Science Just Took a Sinister Turn in this Short Science Fiction Read

Captain Andy Jones is regarded as an impressive specimen. His mental and physical abilities have caught the attention of Dr. Minos, a scientist obsessed with the pursuit of labratory-based human brain growth. Following an impressive feat involving the evacuation of the failed Eden Village on planet Virginis wherein Captain Jones saves the life of an infant girl, Dr. Minos decides that Jones is the perfect subject for his disturbing scientific project. And Captain Jones is about to lose his…


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A Must Read Historical Fiction from Author Lee Jackson

When a faceless guerrilla fighter aligned with the resistance to overthrow Castro is pitted against a clever and deceptive Soviet agent, the result is a piece of historical fiction that masterfully blends fact with the exciting story of…


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‘Twas the Night After Christmas

This story is about the Earl of Devonmont, Pierce Waverly, who is a scoundrel whose parents abandoned him to school and then relatives. He grows up quite the scoundrel, but you feel such pity for him. He loved him mother so dearly, but she never tried to contact him once he was sent away. It really scarred him.

So, when he receives a message saying she is on her death bed…


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A New Book of Devotion and Love

There is now a way to truly live and breathe the experiences of numerous Biblical characters. Anita Higman has recently released Where God Finds You…


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Straight from the Heart, the Imaginative Epic Poems of a Poetess

For those readers who appreciate traditional forms of poetry, Melanie Greenwood, Zillionaires Publishing, LLCfounder and CEO, has just released an extensive collection of poems entitled Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess. The work is often refreshing and even witty at times, especially when it comes to her shorter poems. Greenwood deals with a broad range of topics and emotional experiences in the context of this…


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A Satisfying Romance for the Sweltering Summer Season

Are you ready to turn up the heat this summer? Beth Kery delivers passion and sensual energy in her new erotic contemporary romance Because You Are Mine…


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Numerous Reasons to Read 23 Shades of Black

Hard-boiled, noir crime fiction edgier than Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, funnier than J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas, Filomena Buscarsela is a kick butt, Hispanic cop with no rose colored glasses for New York City’s streets. She is believable, likeable and has a sense of right and wrong we all want to believe in.

Author K. J. A. Wishnia has brought to life one of the most…


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Bailey Has Just Discovered a Dark Secret in Volstead Manor

Bailey Walker is trying to put her life in order, and she seems to be on the right track. She is close to establishing her wedding plans, and her dream of adopting a child is about to become a reality. In addition, she is finally starting to feel at home in her lovely, gothic-style mansion, Volstead Manor, despite some of the more creepy aspects of its architecture. Unfortunately for Bailey, one of…


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An Invigorating Thriller with a Touch of the Disturbing

It’s considered a thriller, but it’s more than that. It’s human drama, gritty and as hard to look at as it is to look away. It is a complex-character-driven story about an ex-con with nothing to lose, a girl who is as crazed for sex as for drugs, the bank teller lucky enough to live, but not lucky enough to be left behind and the agents on their trail who have baggage of their…


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What Is It Like to Be a Dog?

What would your dog say if it could talk? Well, Dog Days by Elsa Watson could give you a little insight on that with her hilarious romantic comedy. 

Jessica isn’t a big fan of furry friends, but she does like the hot town vet and she must volunteer to help with the annual dog festival in order to save her restaurant. What she doesn’t see coming is just how closely she would…


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Words of Wisdom from Two Industry a Nutshell

The publishing industry, like any major industry, comes with its own set of complexities, and learning how to manage yourself in the field can be a daunting task, especially for the aspiring author who has little knowledge of where to begin. Two publishing specialists, Sheila Clover English and Barbara Vey, would like to help you. Book Marketing, Book Trailers, and Author Etiquette in a Nutshell is their offer of assistance for anyone who wishes to have a better handle on effective…


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A Map that Leads to an Understanding of What Makes Us Unique

What makes us who we are? Of course, our genetic map, referred to as the genome, stores our hereditary information, but surely this is not all that there is to us. In fact, only a moment of reflection will help you to understand the impossibility of this. What about the memory of your first love? Is that in your genome? And think for a moment about your failures and the lessons you have learned as a result. That information is not genetic, right? The truth of the matter is simply that we…


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Historical Romance with a Fresh Voice

Readers of historical romance are about to be delighted, because Renee Bernard has just released the latest installment of her Jaded Gentlemen series, Ecstasy Wears Emeralds. This title, the third part in the series, gives us an account of Dr. Rowan West and his struggle with a young woman who appears at his doorstep one day demanding an apprenticeship. He realizes the risks to his career and reputation that such a scenario might pose, but he fails to recognize the potential danger to his… Continue

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An Emotionally Challenging Novel for the New Generation

We the Animals is a coming-of-age story like nothing I’ve ever read before. It is sometimes shocking, sometimes funny, heartwarming and maybe even a little scary because of how it affects you on such a personal level.

Three boys, raising hell in Brooklyn, following in the footsteps of passionate parents, doing everything they can think of, making chaos, loving fiercely.

It almost felt like I was a peeping-Tom into the window of someone’s very private family life. Sometimes I wondered… Continue

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