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The Pursuit of Science Just Took a Sinister Turn in this Short Science Fiction Read

Captain Andy Jones is regarded as an impressive specimen. His mental and physical abilities have caught the attention of Dr. Minos, a scientist obsessed with the pursuit of labratory-based human brain growth. Following an impressive feat involving the evacuation of the failed Eden Village on planet Virginis wherein Captain Jones saves the life of an infant girl, Dr. Minos decides that Jones is the perfect subject for his disturbing scientific project. And Captain Jones is about to lose his a very literal way. Find out what happens when the pursuit of science takes a sinister and inhuman turn in Now You're Dead by Alex Bexar. Bexar, who grew up as an atypical child in the rural South, has always had a passion for storytelling. In her new science fiction piece, she explores the problems of scientific pursuits without the balance of compassion and ethical foundations. For readers who love a solid and creative science fiction title with some powerful insights, do not miss Now You're Dead by Alex Bexar. If you want to learn more about the author, this book, or her other works, then check out the following link:

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