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Irma: Life Lessons from the Worst Storm in Atlantic History by Mark R Wilson

A truly captivating tale and fascinating journey that describes how all of us can transform a life without direction into one full of passion, determination, drive and hard work. When Mark finds the ocean, marine biology, conservation and particularly sharks he is finally motivated, has purpose, a goal. But will a passion be enough to mask…


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Artfully Written, The Great Depression, Young Sooze: Shadow of the Hawk

The writing is graceful and artistic.  It’s fluid and organized in through and action.  When I first started reading it I thought of my love for John Steinbeck and Grapes of Wrath.  You get that feel of what the Great Depression was like and how families responded to it, and to each other.  You feel the desperation and admire the courage and integrity of many…


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A Truly Unique Exploration of Religion and Wisdom

Could there ever be a way for us as thinking individuals to truly understand the wisdom of God? What truths are effectively conveyed through the espousal of religious principles around the world? Is there something missing? If you have ever thought seriously about the depth and significance of religion and what it means for us as people, then you will not…


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New Radio Show for Book Videos!

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM ET you can go to Book Trailer Review and listen in about the newest book videos! You're invited to talk about your videos as well!

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Jake Ransom and the Skull Kings Shadow by James Rollins Book Trailer

Their parents disappeared on an expedition years ago, but when a mysterious envelope arrives with an artifact that could hold the key to finding their parents Jake and Kady find themselves in a long-lost world. Now on an adventure with new friends will they find their parents or will they be stopped by an evil alchemist? Danger and adventure awaits in The Skull King’s Shadow.…


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Bloodline by James Rollins Book Trailer

Immortals walk among us, but immortality has a price,and someone is about to pay. Sigma Force will be sacrificed unless they find the key to who kidnapped the president’s pregnant daughter and why her unborn child is worth killing for. Horrors will be unleashed, all to preserve the Bloodline. or…


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Bella Terra Series From Christina Dodd

In this newest series from author Christina Dodd, she combines romance, suspense, mystery and the inner world of a Napa Valley winery.


The three books in the series Secrets of Bella Terra, Revenge at Bella Terra, and Betrayal center on the Di Luca family sons. Each books features a different brother, and each brother has his own share of mystery, dark secrets and broken hearts.


The Di Luca's own Bella Terra a winery that…


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Sex and the Single Therapist

A Las Vegas sex therapist amateur sleuth with a penchant for finding mischief, especially if that mischief comes in the form of sexy homicide detective Zack Crawford!

The book opens up with Zack coming to Dr. Ally Skye’s office and dropping the bomb that one of her clients has been murdered. Things get more complicated when it ends up being the husband of her good friend and her friend is the prime suspect. 

Ally and Zack have a rocky start and it…


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Wicked Fun Read!

The dazzling wedding of fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love….

Her father was cast out of society as a liar and a thief—such a scandal which renders her unfit for…


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Navy SEALs Need Romance Too...

The US Navy SEALs are a highly-trained special force whose courage and expertise is well-known around the world. They are genuine heroes serving the civilians of this country and providing them with security and safety in this tumultuous and often violent world. Now, a new book gives you a glimpse into the softer side of the lives of these incredible and effective soldiers. After all, passion is important to people, and SEALs have a lot to give. The collection is…


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The Ultimate Novel from Philip K. Dick is Now Available

Philip K. Dick was a brilliant author whose novels delved deep into topics such as political and corporate control, pure science, and the true nature of identity and the perception of reality. Much of his work is classified as science fiction, but it is unfair to believe that simply because the genre holds no appeal for you that you will fail to enjoy the final and ultimate work by this progressive and remarkable author. The Exegesis of…


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The Second Installment of the Skindancer Series Has Arrived...

Dakota Frost is back in the latest novel from Anthony Francis...

...Dakota is ready for her life to be on track. This skindancer, a magical tattoo artist whose ink comes to life, has a new car, a new house, and she has just gained custody of her “daughter,” the were-tiger Cinnamon. But dark and menacing magic is starting to claim lives in Atlanta—magical graffiti has become more than a…


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A Romance about a Love that Breaks Boundaries

Miss Anne, the moral compass of her quiet Georgia town Salty Creek, recalls the story of a seemingly impossible romance between two unlikely characters with whom she was once familiar. The year is 1939. Sophie, a lonely spinster who has acquiesced to a hopeless life devoid of passion after the death of her true love during World War I, immerses herself in creative endeavors. Meanwhile, brief but delicate exchanges between Sophie and Miss…


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As If High School Were Not Difficult Enough...

The life of the average teenager is far from easy, but for Tara Luna the complications might seem overwhelming. After all, as a psychic, she can read the thoughts of others, which makes dating an insurmountable challenge (what with all of those gross thoughts in boy's heads). Also, she can see and interact with spirits. If you ever want to seem crazy, try talking to a “person” whom only you perceive. For the record, that usually leads to a…


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A Story About the Struggle to Find Love and Achieve Balance...

Julia Mendoza is not worried about her love life. Since the death of her young husband, this beautiful Latino woman has spent her time and energy focusing instead upon her business, despite the wishes of her outgoing and boisterous family. But when an ex-friend begins to pester her in public, Julia convinces an attractive and charming surfer whom she encounters in a grocery store to act as her boyfriend just to circumvent the friend's…


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The Security of the World Now Depends On These Two...

The Piranha, a newly developed stealth submarine, represents the latest in US weapons technology. When completed, it will give US forces control over the oceans of the world. But there is more to the project than meets the eye. At least, this is what Mark Roberts of the CIA believes, so he enlists the help of his friend, ex-mercenary Morgan Stark, who, together with retired jewel thief Felicity O'Brien, runs a personal security operation. Stark and O'Brien investigate the Piranha project and… Continue

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When the Life of an Art Collector Turns Dramatic...

The life of Paloma Zubiondo, wealthy widow and art collector, is well-ordered and full of discipline. Her beach-front home in Laguna Beach, California serves as a fortress. Everything is in its right place. Paloma has spent years building her collection of rare books and fine art from the Spanish Colonial period. Nothing can disturb her world, or so she thought...

...When the telephone rings one day, the end result of the call is total confusion for Paloma. Is her beloved nanny from… Continue

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Extraordinarily Sexy and Vampiric...A Dangerous Combination

Gregori Holstein is young, charming, and full of sexual appeal. That is a dangerous combination when it comes to vampires.

When a web-based video broadcast threatens the security of vamps everywhere, the best option for the Undead is turning to Gregori, VP of Marketing, for help. He has been given the task of seeking aid from the US government to prove the video is merely a hoax. But before that can happen, the president has a favor to ask. As it turns out, Abby Tucker, the First Daughter,… Continue

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The Hilarious Secret Sequel to the 20th Century Classic

Many of today's avid readers are no doubt familiar with the mysterious and intimidating classic Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. For those of you who look upon this title and shudder with remembrance of what its reading brought, there is an author on your side. And Rand's novel has served as the inspiration for (or, perhaps, the target of) his latest piece. Atlas Slugged Again is the latest release from Ellis Weiner, who is known for his work on countless…


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FEAR Anthology with R.L. Stine Review

Looking for a fun read for your teens? Fan of mysteries and spooky stories? I recommend Fear… 13 stories of suspense and horror presented by R. L. Stine. Fear offers 13 original stories by 13 authors such as Meg Cabot, Heather Brewer and more!…


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