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The Second Installment of the Skindancer Series Has Arrived...

Dakota Frost is back in the latest novel from Anthony Francis...

...Dakota is ready for her life to be on track. This skindancer, a magical tattoo artist whose ink comes to life, has a new car, a new house, and she has just gained custody of her “daughter,” the were-tiger Cinnamon. But dark and menacing magic is starting to claim lives in Atlanta—magical graffiti has become more than a nuisance for Edgeworlders, members of the magical alternative culture in Dakota's world, and now vampires and werewolves everywhere are starting to feel great mistrust. Even law enforcement agencies have no idea where to turn. It seems like the very security of Dakota's city rests in her hands, but she knows what it will take to save Atlanta from the encroaching artwork. She has to swallow her pride. Dakota must seek the help of her mentor...Blood Rock. Blood Rock is the second installment in the Skindancer series from Anthony Francis, who is by day a computer scientist and by night a science fiction writer. This dark and exciting urban fantasy is evidence of Francis at his best. It also shows his knack for developing complete and comprehensive systems of magic—in this particular novel, Dakota explores the idea of magic and its true nature. Eventually she receives aid from an unlikely source. For fans of fantasy everywhere and especially avid readers of urban fantasy, Anthony Francis gives you Blood Rock, which is now available in bookstores. For more information about the book and the author, visit

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