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The Security of the World Now Depends On These Two...

The Piranha, a newly developed stealth submarine, represents the latest in US weapons technology. When completed, it will give US forces control over the oceans of the world. But there is more to the project than meets the eye. At least, this is what Mark Roberts of the CIA believes, so he enlists the help of his friend, ex-mercenary Morgan Stark, who, together with retired jewel thief Felicity O'Brien, runs a personal security operation. Stark and O'Brien investigate the Piranha project and discover that its leader, Francisco Bastidas, is the not man he seems to be. In fact, he runs con-games for the sheer pleasure of it. Giving him control of a major weapons project may not be the best of ideas. The pair infiltrate the program's security team only to discover that this project cannot continue, because it poses a threat to the world's very security. With disaster looming, Stark and O'Brien must take the project and its heinous leader down, but first they have to defeat an army of terrorists and a crazed giant called Rodrigo Herrera, a man who is capable of killing a jaguar with his bare hands. Will Stark and O'Brien put an end to this project and circumvent a nuclear strike? Find out in The Piranha Assignment, the exciting new novel from Austin S. Camacho and the third book in the Stark and O'Brien series. Camacho specializes in writing thrillers and mysteries. His action-packed fiction is in many ways informed by his experiences as a US Army soldier. After all, Camacho started his writing career years ago while serving as a broadcast journalist for the Army. He appreciates enthralling fiction of any variety, and it shows in his own work. With The Piranha Assignment, the stakes are high and his characters are given greater dimension. For any lover of thriller novels, especially with some relationship to government operations and military weapons development, The Piranha Assignment by Austin S. Camacho will make a great addition to your collection. If you are unfamiliar with Camacho's work and wish to learn more or if you want to read more about his life and previous books, look to the following website:

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