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As If High School Were Not Difficult Enough...

The life of the average teenager is far from easy, but for Tara Luna the complications might seem overwhelming. After all, as a psychic, she can read the thoughts of others, which makes dating an insurmountable challenge (what with all of those gross thoughts in boy's heads). Also, she can see and interact with spirits. If you ever want to seem crazy, try talking to a “person” whom only you perceive. For the record, that usually leads to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. However, Tara is fortunate in a number of ways—she has the love of her Uncle Pat, the only family she knows at this point, and the protection of her two best friends, Henry and Millicent, who happen to be ghosts. And at her new school Tara has Flynn, her new boyfriend who is as much of an outcast as she is. Of course, she must deal with more popular “mean girls” who are hellbent on making her life miserable, but it comes with the territory of adolescence. Now, unfortunately for Tara, a new problem has surfaced, one that is less than typical for the average teen—a dark spirit demands Tara's assistance in solving the case of her mysterious murder, and if she thinks that Prissy and her popular female cronies are capable of bringing her hell, just wait until she recognizes the potential of this ghost to make her life a nightmare. Then, to add to the drama, a girl from school disappears, and it seems like Tara is the only one who can find her. Time is short, and who knows what it will take. Welcome to Tara's lunatic life...

...My Lunatic Life is the new novel from award-winning, highly-acclaimed author Sharon Sala, who is a specialist in both romance and suspense genres. This new series, which details the extraordinary life of Tara Luna, is of a more paranormal sort and perfect for avid readers of young adult fiction with a more supernatural nature. My Lunatic Life marks the start of this YA paranormal mystery series and of Tara's adventures in her complicated and challenging world. Look for My Lunatic Life by Sharon Sala, in bookstores everywhere. For more information about this novel, the author, and/or her previous works, visit the following site:

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