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My mother claims I was mischievous and had a very active imagination as a child.

Mama always made sure the latest in Barbie doll fashion and the figures themselves where available to me.  I was unimpressed. The hour-glass figures and clothes where unlike the matronly, stoic, ladies I encountered at church or quiltings.  The…


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Navy SEALs Need Romance Too...

The US Navy SEALs are a highly-trained special force whose courage and expertise is well-known around the world. They are genuine heroes serving the civilians of this country and providing them with security and safety in this tumultuous and often violent world. Now, a new book gives you a glimpse into the softer side of the lives of these incredible and effective soldiers. After all, passion is important to people, and SEALs have a lot to give. The collection is…


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Why Book Trailers Are Now Essential to the Publishing Industry

It felt like I was letting go of my child when I packed the final copy of my book into a box and shipped it away for final publication. I had spent nine years living and writing the memoir about the melding of social entrepreneurship in one of Africa’s largest slums — Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya — while serving in the Marines. That time included a year of full-time writing after graduate school, and months of shifting, tweaking, and tightening with a team of talented editors from Bloomsbury…


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The Ultimate Novel from Philip K. Dick is Now Available

Philip K. Dick was a brilliant author whose novels delved deep into topics such as political and corporate control, pure science, and the true nature of identity and the perception of reality. Much of his work is classified as science fiction, but it is unfair to believe that simply because the genre holds no appeal for you that you will fail to enjoy the final and ultimate work by this progressive and remarkable author. The Exegesis of…


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The Second Installment of the Skindancer Series Has Arrived...

Dakota Frost is back in the latest novel from Anthony Francis...

...Dakota is ready for her life to be on track. This skindancer, a magical tattoo artist whose ink comes to life, has a new car, a new house, and she has just gained custody of her “daughter,” the were-tiger Cinnamon. But dark and menacing magic is starting to claim lives in Atlanta—magical graffiti has become more than a…


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$1.99 Introductory E-Book Special Pricing!

My Award-Winning Children's Novel! BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale for ages 7 and up! is now available as an e-book at Amazon and will soon be available in other e-book formats! Introductory Price just $1.99! Please check it out. …


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A Romance about a Love that Breaks Boundaries

Miss Anne, the moral compass of her quiet Georgia town Salty Creek, recalls the story of a seemingly impossible romance between two unlikely characters with whom she was once familiar. The year is 1939. Sophie, a lonely spinster who has acquiesced to a hopeless life devoid of passion after the death of her true love during World War I, immerses herself in creative endeavors. Meanwhile, brief but delicate exchanges between Sophie and Miss…


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