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What if you had a perfume that would make Johnny Depp, Tobey Maguire, Christian Bale, or Will Smith (or for you guys Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or Katie Holmes) fall at your feet and beg you to date them, kiss them…whatever. Some people say that there are aphrodisiacs that can make someone want you sexually. They can make you totally irresistible and sexually appealing.

What do you think someone would do to own something like that if it really worked?

This book called Aphrodisiac comes out on Sept. 2nd and the story is all about this young sex therapist (who is hot!) figures out that her best friend was murdered. While she tries to discover why and who murdered her she discovers there is an ancient potion that creates an aphrodisiac that works!

I got to read the book early and there is a book trailer if you want to check it out. The book is totally fun and not too serious. There’s some really funny stuff, but the mystery is good too!

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