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The Zombie Feed, Vol. 1 - Book Trailer

Edited by Jason Sizemore

Table of Contents
Cold Comfort by Nathaniel Tapley
This Final December Day by Lee Thompson
What’s Next? by Elaine Blose
Rabid Raccoons by Kristin Dearborn
The Twenty-Three Second Anomaly by Ray Wallace
Not Dead by BJ Burrow
Tomorrow’s Precious Lambs by Monica Valentinelli
The Fare by Lucien Soulban
A Shepherd of the Valley by Maggie Slater
Broken Bough by Daniel I. Russell
The Last Generation by Joe Nazare
Goddamn Electric by K. Allen Wood
Hipsters in Love by Danger Slater
The Sickness unto Death by Brandon Alspaugh
Lifeboat by Simon McCaffrey
Zombies on the Moon by Andrew Clark Porter
Bitten by Eugene Johnson

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