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Creoss of Ramplet Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar Mystery E-Book Trailer

The Cross of Ramplet – The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor is a mystery adventure novel set within the parameters of a treasure hunt filled with suspense and set around the infamous Throckmorton family against the romantic backdrop of Regency England. The novel features a truly diverse and intriguing cast of characters who are prepared to do anything in their quest to possess the Knights Templar fabled religious icon treasure –the Cross of Ramplet.

An historical novel set in Regency England around the sleepy village of Portsur, this page turning parody mystery adventure book hurtles along like a runaway freight train. It combines the elegance of a Regency England Jane Austin romance with the cunning treasure hunt mystery style of Agatha Christie and the broad comedic style of Mel Brooks -- equating to a serious parody of the more traditional mystery adventure novel. The mood swings from hysterically ridiculous, to soft romantic overtures, often becoming deadly serious while maintaining the suspense of a ‘who done it’ treasure hunt that keeps the reader guessing right until the final four chapter climax filled with glorious fun.

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