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At 5:10pm on June 25, 2007, Michael Elan said…
Hello Sheila, you beautiful girl. :)
At 12:24am on June 26, 2007, Michael Elan said…
Hmm sure would be nice to get a copy of Gemini Keys for my website darling. :)
At 12:55am on June 26, 2007, Michael Elan said…
Thank you darling. :)
At 5:24am on December 4, 2007, manohar said…
I have just joined your net work. I am just browsing through and I really like what I am seeing. Good job !
Best Wishes;
At 2:02am on December 25, 2007, manohar said…

Thank you for adding me as a friend.
I wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!

Best Wishes;
At 5:24pm on September 2, 2008, Francis Ray said…
Thank you so much. You really help bring the books to life.
At 8:35pm on December 2, 2008, Francis Ray said…
Hi Shelia,
I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the lovely comment.
At 1:07pm on March 13, 2009, Author Stephanie Morris said…
Thanks for the warm welcome! Have a great weekend!
At 7:02am on June 21, 2009, Freya R said…

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At 12:25pm on July 9, 2009, Maheshwar N. Sinha said…
Hi, welcome there!
At 11:37am on April 18, 2011, Aidana WillowRaven said…
Book trailer awards would be awesome. Keep me updated. I'd like to enter a few of mine. Will there be various genres, or just one category award, for over all?
At 10:29am on September 12, 2011, Margaret Brownley said…
Yes, I was at RT!  Thank you for remembering me. 
At 6:10am on September 19, 2011, Emlyn Chand said…

Hello there,

I've just joined this site and am a bit at a loss for what to do after customizing my profile. How do I interact with others? I saw that you're a featured member so thought you'd be a great person to ask!  



At 8:01pm on September 19, 2011, Emlyn Chand said…

Thanks for the advice. I've told my author friends to come and join too, so hopefully we'll see a rush in membership. Usually I can count on at least 10-20 listening and trying new things out when I ask them to ;-)


Hope to see more interaction on here, definitely. Great idea. Is it your brain child?


How does one get "featured video" status?

At 8:12pm on September 19, 2011, COS Productions said…

Yes, it's my brainchild. The site and book trailers. I own the trademark on the term "book trailer" and have since 2003. Just now finishing up a book about book trailers and marketing.

I'll get your video featured. Hardly anyone ever asks, but I'm always happy to feature other people's trailers.

At 2:49am on September 20, 2011, Emlyn Chand said…

Thank you so much! You're definitely very creative and driven. I started a book marketing firm back in March, and one of our services is creation of custom-scripted cinematic book trailers. I <3 book trailers and am trying to take them to the next level, so to speak - to mesh more with your vision of reader entertainment as displayed here.


Not sure if you're familiar with Novel Publicity. It's really taken off very fast. I'd LOVE the chance to interview you about the invention of book trailers for our website. We generally average 500+ hits per day (some posts go viral as well). Or It'd be great to twitterview you, which is my unique contribution to the book marketing world. We usually charge $75 to authors, but I'd love to feature you, so it would be gratis. You also get a cool transcript when it's over. Info about that here >


Here's one I wrote on book trailers, in case you are interested in that: 4 ways to do a book trailer and a comprehensive review of each


It's truly great to make your acquaintance,




PS Are you Wishbone?!

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