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Hiya, all......a lot of cool things happening over here, so let's get started. But in a nutshell, BBS has about 50 authors signed currently, our 2010 lineup is almost full (including cook books from Hell's Kitchen alumni an other awesome chefs, and our Banana Phone line of children's books), and the 16 titles we have available now (with Fred Wiehe's "Holiday Madness" rounding out our 2009 titles) have been compiled into BBS' official Book Store Winter Catalog which includes special discounts for all, this holiday season, when ordering books directly from BBS (see below). Check out our site for several new BBS-related videos and trailers. You'll find more up to the minute news on the site and at So now let's get started:

1. OUR BOOK STORE WINTER CATALOG 2009-2010: Download directly from our homepage ( It lists our 2009 lineup with special direct-to-bookstore prices these places can't find if they order through our many distributors, called "Bookstore Direct." If any of my authors have ordered copies of their own books directly from me, yes, these are the same prices that I provide to you. The only difference is that when book stores order at these prices, you get your standard royalties. I'd like to encourage our authors to read the works of our other authors, so as BBS authors each of you can also order one anothers' books directly from me at these prices. When you order each other's books, the authors whose books you order also get standard royalties from those orders as well. And we're talking prices that are around 60% off retail in most cases. I think that's damn cool, and just in time for the Holidays! Also, I'm proud to announce that BBS now accepts major credit cards for these orders. For those who aren't BBS authors or book store reps, please inquire for special prices direct as well....we are working on making it possible for anyone to order our books directly off our site now that we do credit cards, details soon. (Those of you receiving this email directly have the winter catalog attached.)

2. TITLES FOR 2010/SUBMISSIONS: We're not publishing any further titles this year, and not accepting any more submissions until January, which is when I'll expect to be making more decisions along those lines. I'm concentrating on marketing what I have available already. However, next year's going to be an exciting one with titles already lined up in plenty of time for Spring: BLOOD ORCHARD by S.D. Hintz, THE RAISING by Cassandra Lee, CHOPHOUSE by Terry "Horns" Erwin, ...HUMAN Matthew Ewald, MEAT CITY & OTHER STORIES by Jason M. Tucker, IN THE BEGINNING by Cinsearae Santiago, plus works by Eric Enck, Jake Istre, and current authors returning for more. And yes, next year we're doing cook books including one with contributions by some brow-raising celebrity talent in the field, and BANANA PHONE BOOKS is emerging with THE ASHES OF MAY, 1000 SMELLS, and other innovations kids and adults will love.

3. BESTSELLERS AS OF NOVEMBER: Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead; Demon Revolver; The Gentle Art of Making Enemies; The Butcher Bride.

4. KUDOS: to our author Matthew Ewald, who was recently awarded the the role of young James T. Kirk on the award winning internet television series "Star Trek: Phase II." Matthew previously played a major role in the popular FOX KIDS television show "Galidor" and co-starred in 2002's "Terminal Error." JASON GEHLERT has a video interview at veteran horror host Count Gore De Vol's website: with other BBS author interviews to follow. Kudos also to Vince Churchill who made the front page of Jacksonville IL's Journal-Courier's entertainment guide with his "Butcher Bride," and to A Shot in the Dark Comics for delivering awesome preliminary artwork for their "Nicholas Grabowsky's Red Wet Dirt" comic book series due to grace stores with its first issue this Spring! And let's not forget Norm Applegate's script contribution to director J.L. Botelho's upcoming silent violent short (details at Jake Istre was also on Good Day Sacramento just the other day.....

5. NICHOLAS GRABOWSKY STUFF: Thanks to Eve Blaack at Hacker's Source Magazine ( and Shriek Freak Quarterly ( for their excellent reviews of RED WET DIRT. THE EVERBORN is now available in a special hardcover edition from our favorite publisher, BBS. Groovy cool. I've resumed putting together a full-length script for CUTTING EDGES so I can finally get the film ready for pre-production. I'm going to announce my touring schedule soon, with England or bust (World Horror Convention). Going to be with author Kristi Caye at SacCon December 13th.

6. PROMOTIONS/BANNERS: I'm encouraging our authors to feel free to copy/paste the official BBS banner (found on the bottom of the homepage), link it back and flaunt it on your web presence. I'm in the process of creating specific website banners to promote each of your books, and I'll let you know individually when yours is ready. Also, I have an book mark version of our banner with our winter titles on the flip side, BBS t-shirts, etc, if interested send me an email.

6. HWA/AWARDS/REVIEWERS: We are currently offering to HWA members, book reviewers, and awards affiliates up to three PDFs of our titles FOR FREE! Please inquire at

7. FRANCY WEATHERMAN NEWS: I flew to South Carolina and brought her back to Sacramento with me to stay, and we're making wedding plans for next year. Talk about there being a reason for everything. Francy, of course, is the host of the mega-popular blogtalk radio show Francy & Friends (, presented by Triad Pictures. Some of her recent guests include Jeff Conaway, Vicki Lizzi, David Fostino, Coren Nemec, Tommy Grand, Hell's Kitchen alumni, Norm Applegate, and also myself. Listeners have ranged from Billy Bob Thorton to President Obama himself. She's also a film major :)

That's all for now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!
---Nicholas Grabowsky
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