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Where are the best places to post book trailers online for maximum publicity?

Hi everyone,

I have just made my own book trailer and I was wondering where people are posting them online to get the best publicity.
I thought I would start the list with where I have posted mine and then see what else people can add. Hopefully we will end up with a great list of places to post online!

1. YouTube
2. Google Videos
4. Link on
5. Link on Amazon Associates authors page
6. Link on GoodReads author page
7. - but I had trouble uploading my file
8. mySpaceTV
9. Yahoo Video
10. Post as link or video on
11. Posted here on Book Trailers
12. Posted as announcement on
13. Writing Blog - From Idea to Book
14. My "How to Enjoy Your Job" blog
15. Book website -
16. Main website -

Thanks very much, your comments are much appreciated!

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Thanks! It has great deal of information for authors!
Meta Cafe is also a good place to upload your videos. It's known for high visitor rates. A good way to promote your video book trailer is to also use them as links on your blog sites.
Part of the question is, where can you post it for free? lol
Amazon Associates no longer allows video uploads. Real bummer.
Revver was down for a while but it looks to be back up.

Don't forget to Google book trailer contests. You can post on other people's blogs or sites by submitting for contests.

Go to and post to many social sites with the click of one button. It's free!
thanks for this. I found it really helpful.
Amazon is letting you post again. That function was down for a while.
Let's not forget bookscreening, Preview the Book and Watch the Book!
hey, thanks for those other links. Bookscreening seems to be taking a hiatus from accepting new submission, but the others look interesting.
Preview the Book - (you have to convert to flv or mov file format)
Author Stream - (I create mine using powerpoint and load them here. They convert to mp4 and send to YouTube as well a posting them on their site.)

Some bookstores have blogs; if they are carrying your book ask them to post your trailer.
I belong to Good Reads but can't figure out how to upload my video. Is there a secret that I don't know?
We have always had a contract with GoodReads and upload via a special permissions on the site. I thought anyone could post videos, but I could certainly be wrong on that.
This is where I posted mine. Good luck!

1. Blazing Trailers:

2. Book Trailers:

3. Trailer Spy:

4. The Writers Life:

5. Yahoo:

6. My Space:

7. Book Trailer Contests:
I have a question. I have put together a book trailer. I bought my photos online to use as I please. I also got some photos from wikimedia commons, in which they state on their site that the pictures are free to the public to use. In fact another author, who wrote about how to create a book trailer, said that it was free to the public and recommended it. I then used my imovie and created my video. Since I own the imovie software and the music that goes along with it, then I figure that the use of the music is okay. If I am wrong, please let me know because I uploaded my video on My Space and they refused it saying that their "automated whatever it is" detected copyright infringements. I can't figure out why. I paid for my photos and I'm using my own software. Can anyone help me?




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